Monday, May 30, 2011

A Strawberry Afternoon

Our backyard was transformed to a strawberry wonderland one Sunday afternoon.
It was for the birthday of my lovely niece, Maia. 
The idea of having a strawberry party surfaced when my sister purchased a strawberry costume for her months ago.

The Cupcake holder was decorated with Paper Cut out shaped like Strawberries.
I designed a cake and asked the Baker to do it for me. My sister requested chocolate lollipops to spell out Maia's name.

Strawberry Hats and Glitter Tattoo make this girl happy and enjoy the party.

The candy bar was put in place of the usual party loot bags. Kids get to line up and fill their strawberry designed baskets with candies and biscuits that are strawberry or chocolate flavored. 
Some adults even joined the fun.

Do you have a theme in mind?
We can set up a party like this for you.
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Shopping Bags

Don't get me wrong I am for eco-friendly reusable bags. 
I just thought these shopping bags shared to me by my boss are hilarious.
Perhaps these can be used as designs for reusable bags.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Eye Wear: Animal Print Collection

Top to Bottom
Pink and Black Swallow Print
Fifi Lapin Bunny Print
Blue and White Elephant Print
Black and White Zebra Print

To order framed copy of this print, please email me at