Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Crafty Bridal Shower

Last May, I organized a Bridal Shower for my friend Jamie.

Since Bridal Showers on our side of town are wholesome, I decided to throw her Crafty Bridal Shower. 

And since the them of their wedding is Boho, I decided to make the attendees create Dream Catchers.

Each Dream Catcher they made represented a blessing for the couple such as wealth, patience, faith, etc.

Craft Kits are given to each guest.

This bridal shower also served a double purpose. The dream catchers they made were also used to decorate the teepee altar during the actual wedding.

If you want to throw a bridal shower like this for your bride-to-be friend but find it too time consuming, we can do it for you. Contact me at 09178853187.