Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Space

Since I still live with my parents, and we don't have an extra room that I can turn into my craft room.
Instead, I set up a craft area at one corner of my room.

1. Mini Native Luggage Bag made of dried Water Hyacinth leaves,
Green bowl, Framed Keep Calm and Drink Tea and Waste basket with Floral design turned into gift wrapper container
2. Sewing machine with cover, Tin Can Container
3. Green mini pails and Create Wire Word
4. Native Luggage bag, Framed Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, Tin Can Container
5. Mood Board- Cork board covered with fabric
6. Wicker Cabinet from Japan Surplus cleaned and revarnished

1. Floral Message Board, Colored Pencils
2. Over view of the table
3. Clear jar containers (pearls and chains inside)
4. Damask Post it and Calendar placed on fabric covered carton, Colored Pens, White Teac up
5. Overview of the Table
6. Overview of the Craft area.

How about you? What does your Craft Area/Room look like?

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