Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inspire: Build Each other Up

Love each other with genuine affection. Be ready to help and be eager to practice hospitality. 
Build each other up. Think of ways to motivate each other in acts of love and good works. Let everything you say be good and helpful, an encouragement. Help others do what is right. Do not neglect meeting each other.

Would you believe that I got all those words above from different Bible verses? Amazing how they all connect. I actually got the verses from the devotional material of our church for the Prayer and Fasting Week. This was under the topic of Our Church. I thought of sharing this because I believe this can also be related to our Family and other Relationships.

I have committed to becoming an encouragement to other people through my words.
My mouth is both my strength and weakness. I can speak beautiful and encouraging words to people. However, my mouth is like a sword as well. When I am mad, I can say the most hurtful words. That is why I also committed myself not to use foul and abusive language. I am not just talking about curses, but everyday negative words that we often don't notice we get to use on people we love. Words like stupid or you can't do it.

So this year, let us commit to becoming a walking dictionary of wonderful and encouraging words.

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