Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Love: FikaFikaFika


Borrowed this greeting from Liarns of FikaFikaFika.
I met her with her partner during the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market.

I love all the items they were selling that day.
I also love their blog!

They are also the official distributor of Frankie Magazine here in the Philippines.
How cool is that!

According to Liarns, Fika Fika Fika is a curation of things that we love.  It is for the dreamers and the curious. We’re starting small, but who knows maybe we’ll have that small corner coffee shop that we have been dreaming of starting one day.

Fika (fee-ka) is that wonderful Swedish past time that involves taking a break  and getting together with friends, co-workers or family  and chatting over coffee, tea, cakes, pastries or sandwiches. We are guilty of this past time, and none of us are even Swedish! Having Fika was simply our means of enjoying a short getaway from work and our mundane daily activities.

Let's all Fika!